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Fishbowls Are Definitely My Thing Finale. It’s awesomeness.

My scene is at 5:45 but watch the whole thing to get the full impact of this finale’s awesomeness!


I’m in this Metaphysical Joe This series of videos is both funny and self helpy which is a fantastic combo! 

Channel 101 - Walking »

This is a good place to watch my 101 pilot, Walking.

The beginning is kind of intense so it’s not for young children and what not.


Here’s my 101 Pilot:

Walking: A Crazy Lady Following Her Dreams

Director/Writer/Actor: Zuri Bella

Cowboy: Curt Neill (Curt improvised all of the middle Cowboy lines)

Joey: Joey

DP: Nate Cornett

Editor: Nico Colaleo

Sound: Sean Eisele (only the actual scenes on the “mountain”)

Special Thanks: Tara Brooks and Alan Weischedel

Very grateful to have gotten to screen it at Channel101!